Y~ME @706 Lemmon

community garden rapid city south dakota

Come "Lettuce" Enjoy your company!

Always a rainbow at our Garden.

706 lemmon street rapid city, south dakota community garden

Garden memories

 It was magical the way the setting sun shone on the sign. As the wind whipped thru the garden, the umbrella flew and the plastic tore, but still the plants supported one another and withstood! Isn't it like that in life? When we support one another the things of life tear at us but can be withstood! 

Yme GArden on Lemmon Street

Is Money the Answer?

Some maybe but not all!

This is a cucumber box that was planted with an expensive bag of seeds! It must be better because it cost more. Less than 20 plants out of 100 made it to the surface.
Sooooo as gardeners we replant ( and this time any seeds were used, old ones, inexpensive, not name brand) Out or 50 came over 40!
Let us never discount something or someone because they don't come in pretty wrappers!

We are grateful for each plant and what it produces!

Sometimes we just need to plant a seed and wait for the beautiful sprout!
And after the sprouting comes the watering and the protecting from storms and such.
And in the end when we have done all that we can we pray and wait.