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Repurposing bikes for those in need

Repurposing bikes

 How is it, that two wheels can equal such freedom, both to the young and the old? I see small children riding throughout town heading to wonderful destinations of their own making, and I see adults doing the same. As more and more families arrive at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission, I see the desperate need for them to have some type of transportation; to alleviate the endless miles ahead of them. So please know the bikes are the first step. 


Lost Cause- Noun: a person or thing that can no longer hope to succeed or be changed for the better.

 Synonyms: hopeless, beyond hope, futile, forlorn, failed, beyond remedy, beyond recovery

Have we ever really studied the definition of this two word phrase before labeling someone we have had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting or encountering?

Lost cause; Look at the profile picture of the bike that at first glance had the appearance of a lost cause but is now a sweet ride with a custom leather seat, tassels, and a paint job acquired from time and experiences. A bike that was most decidedly labeled a lost cause before someone decided there was something of value in it. A bike that some boys from a bike shop in California found great joy in when they stumbled across it in the hands of the Mike's Bikes mechanics.

Isn't it like that with people who at first, second, or third glance appear to have a 'paint job' from time and experiences that has given them the appearance of a 'lost cause'? But appearance and actuality are two different things are they not?

And for many, a bike full of rust and requiring repair does not hold any appeal or opportunity for their time! Don't be put off by the appearance or the labeling of a lost cause because if you study the definition there is really no such thing where people are involved. If we are breathing there is HOPE!

And labels are just really for soup cans;~)


Bike Parts

 Bike Parts........
Who would have thought that 200 miles away from Rapid City where Mike's Bikes started there would be so much treasure!
It was the disc shimmering in the sun that caught my eye. Is this a disc brake system right here, right now?
I would never have known had I not been shown many things about bikes by a friend who helped get so many folks on two wheels!
And then I realized that even when someone is struggling and it leaves a hole in your team, there are others that help carry the load until that team member finds his way.
And we must be grateful for the help even if it comes in the form of a man who did corporate banking and never worked on bikes but was willing to study You Tube and try with only a little swearing (well maybe more than a little)
And what about the nine year old who suggests putting a wrench on the Allen key as a cheater bar to get the bolts to release. Her dad taught her so much and I am proud to know and love her!
Parts, they are what make up the whole and without all of the folks doing their part we will never be whole.
Just like a bike needs its parts to be whole, a team needs its folks to be whole also.
So do your part ........
in a friendship,
in a job,
in a family,
in your community
And give a ride that matters!